Little Moustache (Living with Adolf)

by Holubii

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Little Moustache (Living with Adolf)

You know I love
that little
you have there...

The whitest face
I've ever seen
on a leader,
or in a lover...
I can't tell!

The way you speak,
that language,
that weird accent,
all the symbols
and the rage...

I know, my friend,
we all are contradictions,
paradigms are hanging there...

(Oh, heil!)

Hinduism says that swastikas
are icons of the way....

In which things are just evolving,
all the love and all the hate...

I never thought that this nice house
would be like Germany of those days

It's so hard living with Adolf...
Such an ugly price to pay...

It's so hard living with Adolf...

(Oh, heil!)

It's so hard living with Adolf...

(Oh, heil!)

Such an ugly price to pay...

(Oh, Oh, heil!)

...but I love him anyway.




Who are you calling "Adolf"?!


Quick march!

By the left!

By the rrrrright!

Don't mention the war!

Oh, Oh, heil!



released July 28, 2017
Holubii: Acoustic and electric guitars, fretless acoustic bass, melodica, ukulele, xequere, percussions, shakers, vocals and yrics

John Lennon once said: "We all have a Hitler in us, but we also have Love and Peace".

Sometimes life -or your own mind- is the worst dictator ever... so you go, overcome that fact the best way you can, and love a little, my friend...

So, I completed this demo-that I started recording last november- thinking about the inner struggle each one of us is having with ego, perception of reality, past trauma, wounded subconscious , treacherous sinapsis and sentimental holocaust doing their shit inside us.

Of course, it may be understood as a weird, surreal allegory about politicians, relationships or parenthood as well.

Or even as a love letter by Eva Braun, a woman with the most obnoxious taste for men. So, you choose...
By the way: half of my blood is jewish -the other half is just red- so I can joke with that horrible man...

At the end, a little reference to a classic John Cleese-Fawlty Towers punchline